the Mad Soaper


A little about me:

I’ve been using the internet almost since its inception and have always been struck how impersonal it can be. My short bio is an attempt to break through the wall - albeit for a few moments to let you know who I am and what I am about.  

Professionally, you know me as THE MAD SOAPER.   Personally, I’m Leila Hazou.  I promise to answer to both or either...your choice.  

Looking back, I had what might be described as a rough childhood. There just never seemed to be enough money.  I’m sure many of you can empathize and relate to this type of situation.    But you know, I don’t regret a moment of it because it made me a strong, self-reliant person bent on bettering herself. 

High school was okay - well, it was high school - and I managed to gain acceptance to Colorado University.   I thrived in school and graduated with a degree in Psychology, but like many others, also graduated with a boatload of student debt which manages to follow me around to this day. I later added to the debt with a masters degree in Business Management - not the best decision, I know.

After going through a variety of office and office management positions, I found what I considered to be my dream job as a business analyst at Deutsche Bank in Manhattan, the financial center of the world.  

Coming from Colorado Springs, Colorado, Manhattan was both exhilarating and confounding.  I was making enough money that I was able to put thoughts of my youthful struggles to the side.  But something was missing, something was gnawing at me from within.  My job had become mechanical for me.   I was going through the motions.  I was desperately unhappy at the bank.   

I had married a man who gets me, thank the universe. His name is Rick and he comes from Staten Island,  New York.  He stood by me as I was going through my work related crisis.  

He encouraged me to leave the bank and its generous salary behind even though it could precipitate a financial meltdown for us.   Rough times followed.  We moved with our two dogs and three cats to a small town in rural Pennsylvania called Dingmans Ferry.  We found a smaller fixer-upper and said goodbye to the Big Apple although Rick still works there and has a five hour a day commute. 

I tried my hand at real estate as a sales associate, but it just wasn’t me. 
I found the world of soaping quite by chance.   We happened to celebrate our nine year wedding anniversary at a lovely inn and restaurant nearby. They had a little gift shop with some really cool soaps and I thought “hey, you could make some soaps for Christmas gifts this year”.  I never thought they’d be as cool as the ones in the shop.  But, I think I always had the soul of an artist within. Making beautiful objects that were useful at the same time thrilled me.  

Some of my first attempts were embarrassing but here I am today, Leila, The Mad Soaper.  I’m proud of my mini works of art and urge you to use them and not just put them on display in your powder rooms.  A lot of love goes into their creation. Enjoy their design, their texture, their aroma....affordable mood lifters.  Who needs psychiatrists when you can have heavenly scented soaps? 

Each bar is handcrafted by me in the garage that we converted into a pet-free studio.  I now am happy.  My artistry is appreciated and I no longer have that empty feeling inside.  Manhattan  is a dream now....Dingmans Ferry is my home.   

The Mad Soaper is in the very early stages of its development.  I encourage you to look over my creations and maybe purchase one for yourself, your family or friends. Practical, inexpensive, little hand crafted art-piece luxuries are hard to come by in this world of mass produced stuff.   

I invite your comments, your reviews and, of course your orders.  You will always be treated with the respect and appreciation you deserve.

Thanks and Peace, 


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