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Wax Melt Snap Bars


Coconut wax melts scented with luxury fragrances.

Midnight Rose: A sultry floral that starts with pink pepper and decadent plum mingled with soft black rose, followed by hints of vanilla and patchouli. This is one sexy, sophisticated fragrance!

Pear Blossom: A bright and fresh floral with yuzu, pear and plum blossoms on a soft Hinoki and apricot wood base.

Alchemy: The sweet jasmine and saffron hit you first, followed by the woody warmth of ambergris and amberwood, then the cool freshness of fir resin and cedar. A complex, opulent accord that can be appreciated by both women and men.

Fireside: This scent combines orange flower, clove oil, and chestnut atop a comforting vanilla fragrance to re-create the signature warmth and coziness of a crackling fire.

Lost Spirits: Named for the evaporation of liquor in oak barrels that lifts, while aging, like a silent offering to the gods. A delicious accord opening with cognac and oak wood, followed by long-lasting notes of praline, sandalwood and vanilla.

Ex Libris: Lose yourself in ancient books with the essence of aged paper and leather bindings. Notes of peach, plum, peony, violet, leather, patchouli and vanilla create this magical accord.

Each package contains 1 bar - total weight 1.5 oz. / 42 gr.

Directions: Break a section of the snap bar off, place on your clean and dry electric or tea light burner (always use a non scented tea light). Never add any water or other substances to the wax.

**Important** **Warning**
Wax melt safety; Remove all packaging and place in center of the burner well. Keep out of reach from children and pets. Do not move the burner whilst product is burning or still hot. Never leave unattended. Please use wax melts with caution. Do not ingest, wax is NOT edible. Keep away from flammable materials and do not place where there is a draught.

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